The book falls into the science-fiction sub-genre of Military Space Warfare and, with some exceptions, I do my best to keep the physics as real as possible. The exceptions are, of course, those required to facilitate the story, to allow my characters to get to the places they need to be to allow the story to progress. In "Doctor Who" that's the TARDIS, in Star Trek it's "Warp Drive", in "Star Wars" it's "Hyperspace" and in my universe, it's "Tachyon Space" more commonly known as Hyperspace and typically accessed via the "Hypergate network".

When I last wrote about it the book comprised seven large chapters and an equally large prologue but I came to the conclusion that shorter was better with the book falling into two acts, "Akatsu" and "Aumakua".

The cover art is, I believe, important and, once I have permission from the artist, I hope to update this article with some of the sample art I've received. So now it is just a waiting game which I am using to update some appendices as well as check my grammar and tech.

I am hopeful the artwork will be complete within a month and, once done, the book can be reviewed by the group I hope to publish with.

I will post a further update when it is complete ... thanks for reading.

J. C Rocks (aspiring author: "The Abyssal Void War" series)

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