After far too long, my first book has been published and is available in various eBook formats. eBooks can be bought from Amazon globally, Apple etc. and the paperback version from my publisher, Fiction4All. Signed copies can be obtained directly from me which, for the UK at least, won't cost you anything more except some additional postage.

Possible CoverSo, I have finally resubmitted my first book having made a number of changes. There's a new "prologue" chapter designed to create a high-action opening sequence, simplified sub-headings for all chapters to provide a clear location and date, more conversation and other changes. I now believe that the book flows better and addresses some of the concerns my publisher raised. The book is now some forty-two chapters i.e. some 87,000 words of actual story so now all I have to do is wait and wonder what on Earth am I going to call my website when I finally publish?

Kiyo FemaleWith hindsight, a somewhat optimistic review of my first book's progress. Yes, the book is still coming along, still "completed", it just appears that getting the thing published is a lot more complicated than I first thought it would be.

peanuts keepcalm

Well there it is, the book, my first ever, is largely done and I am now just waiting for the cover art to be completed. Two hundred and fifty-seven A4/Letter pages (line and a half spaced), fifty-four chapters and approximately eighty-five thousand words.

I've given details of the book itself before and I still don't want to give too much away right now but it is set nearly eight hundred years in the future, not ours, but that of an alternate history (which is why I call it an alternate future history) and humanity is once again engaged in what it does best, blowing the hell out of each other.

jcr greektaverna largeThis article briefly introduces me, my work, my background and my website. It outlines (at time of writing) my progress towards the publishing of my first and second novels in "The Abyssal Void War" series and briefly mentions other things to be found here including reviews and opinion pieces.

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