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"The Abyssal Void War" Series

The Abyssal Void War is set in an alternative time line about eight hundred years ahead of us at a time when mankind has spread out to the local stars. At this point in time mankind occupies a roughly spherical region of about one hundred light years radius centring from Earth. The generally accepted name for this region of space is The Extent.

True faster than light travel has yet to be achieved and travel between the stars is achieved by means of a series of hyperspace gates that connect in a fixed network across The Extent.

The Extent contains some three hundred colonised planets across about two hundred systems and these are divided between various nations and tensions are extremely high. War has broken out across between the Geist and the Pax Ereban nations and surrounding nations, including Saxonia, have become involved. Although involved in supplying weaponry and covert intelligence to Saxonia the United Colonial Systems have yet to become directly involved and, although there are conflicts around an area of space known as The Abyssal Void full scale war has not yet broken out.

At the time the story begins the UCS government is heavily involved in negotiation with one of the most powerful nations in The Abyssal Void arena, The Akatsu.

The Abyssal Void War series is currently envisaged as three books the status of which are as follows:

  • Book 1: Stars, Hide Your Fires (in preparation for final draft)
  • Book 2: Let Slip The Dogs Of War (first draft completed)
  • Book 3: Unnamed


J. C. Rocks (aspiring author: "The Abyssal Void War" series)

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