AkatsuFlag1The Akatsu, physically distant ally of The Geist and Valentians, hail from a trinary star system once known as Rigil Kentaurus. Akatsu is the primary star and hosts the inhabited planets, Hiroshi and Hayashi whose inhabitants call their primary "The Daylight Sun", its Akatsu name literally translating to "Dawn". Hiroshi is an ocean covered world with less than twelve percent land surface and is home to the Emperor's Palace and The Extent's first floating city, Yori. The Akatsu have been expanding in recent decades, primarily into Tayjekan territory. Akatsu, reliant on imports to drive their increasingly mechanised economy, have recently been expanding into Zuìzhōng territory.

SkeanShield2The Solar System, the birthplace of humanity and the ancestral home of every human across known space, has more populated planets and moons than any other system. More than half the human race still live on Earth and a further ten percent are spread throughout the system. Sol's people, the moon included, are a homogeneous mix of racial and national types but most of the colonised planets and moons have specific racial or national biases.

The Skean alliance is composed of Saxonia, Ayra, Kanata, Darug and Wayata a total of twenty planets across ten systems. Although something of a fading power, the Skean Republic remains the most powerful alliance in The Extent. 

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