So, I've finally sent my book to the guys I plan to publish it with, YellowPlank Books and I am awaiting feedback. Three hundred and twenty-seven pages, fifty-four chapters (and some extra stuff), one hundred and two thousand words including the appendices etc.

There's not muchKiyo Female to say except for the following, the introductory stuff you'll find on Amazon when the book goes up:

A four-year war has raged across the colonised worlds of The Extent. Nations reel from violence and betrayal and the Skean Republic stands alone. Despite fierce diplomatic negotiations, tensions rise while, bordering the huge region of empty space known as The Abyssal Void, the conflict threatens the nation of Akatsu.

A young, wealthy socialite and ex-assassin has grown up on Hiroshi and now lives in the famed floating city of Yori. Working for Akatsu's secretive science team, Kagaku-sha Chīmu, she strives to save her planet from the hated United Colonial Systems. Accompanied by the loyal, catlike Jira, she plays a dangerous game in which her friends and her city are the potential collateral. The very future of her world is at stake.

In the middle of the Abyssal Void, at Port McKinley, Acting Captain Kurt Bergstrom is about to graduate. Young and inexperienceBlossom Tree 2d, he has little idea the Akatsu are preparing to strike or of the bitter price he, his friends and his family will have to pay. It will be a baptism of fire, engulfing the stars, destroying his humanity and forging him into a weapon his enemies will not soon forget.

The first of a trilogy, "Stars, Hide Your Fires" will take you to the stars: an alternate future, a galaxy collapsing into war and humans doing what humans do best.

At the present moment, I am still waiting for the cover art to be completed. It's being done by a young artist, Charlotte Brown, a friend of my daughter, Melissa. You can find more of her artwork here.

So yeah, just waiting for feedback from Yellow Plank and the completion of the cover art and it's good to go.

Not long now before I'm no longer "Aspiring" I guess.

Thx for reading :)

J. C. Rocks (aspiring author: "The Abyssal Void War" series) & Charlotte Brown (Artwork)

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